Benefits of purifying the water before you drink?

 The advantages of clean filtered water cannot be rated high enough as without it we would not be able to survive. The water a filtering system produces as in quality be high in PH, ORP anti-oxidant properties, high mineral content, and active hydrogen, similar to water that comes of a glacier or straight from a mountain spring.  Private Water Supply in Chennai provides well-purified water to drink.

Water in plastic bottles becomes toxic over time and is most affected when changes of temperature occur. As this water sits in storage, shelves or in the car where temperatures change to the extreme, the effect of leaching toxins from the plastic container into the water becomes more dominant through a change of temperatures.

Women are aware

Women may become most vulnerable by drinking this kind of water left in cars. There is evidence that women who drank this type of water contributed to breast cancer as the same toxic-dioxin was found in breast cancer tissues. At no time plastic containers are safe using to heat food or drinks, not even pre-prepared microwave meals because leaching from the plastic will occur.

The only safe containers to use are glass, Pyrex, ceramic, stainless, not all aluminum containers are safe because of lining that can also leach into the water. Do not assume that bottled water is any more pure, healthier or safer than tap water.

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