Breathing Life into New Sources of Drinking Water

Water is the essential commodity of human life. Its absence has even created wars in the society. It is growing increasingly scarce in the current phenomenon. Drinking water is ought to be fundamental human rights. Like how we breathe the air and intrinsically own to ourselves, the water is also not owned by any others. The alternative sources of water are also meant to be the sustainable water resources that are not being supplied from the fresh water or any other ground water. The Private Lorry Water Suppliers in Chennai are doing their best job to provide us with the safest drinking water all the time.

The alternative resources include grey water, harvested rain water, onsite storm water, water that is being discharged from purification techniques, etc. The alternative sources are often referred to as the non-potable water that is not suited for human consumption. People have started investing on the purest and safest drinking water. The water varies in different municipalities that come from different sources. The water that comes out of the tap is likely to be the safest among others. One can contact the local water utility vendor for the safest drinking water.


Contaminants might pose a risk to the human when they enter through the water that is being consumed by the people. Taking action against such contaminants is a best approach to reduce the risk to the people. Water purifier systems with a reverse osmosis method remove the impurities and provide us ultra-pure water. The remaining water is being discharged from the system that contains impurities. The ratio between the purified water and the total water supply is known as the recovery state. The recovery state of water is between 50% to 80%. The discharged water can also be reused with the help of the purification process.


The new source of drinking water includes ground water, springs, aquifers, etc. The precipitation that includes is rain, snow, hail, etc. The surface water that is available are rivers, streams and glaciers. Biological sources, desalinated sea water and water supply network are the other sources of water. The surface water and the ground water are the two sources of water that are commonly available for the people. Ground water is under the surface of the land and travels across the fills the openings in the sand, rock, etc.  The rocks even transmit water are called aquifers. Thus the water begins its journey from the ocean and ends up by returning to the ocean.


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