Methods followed in water purification and its benefits

All living thing including animals, plants need water to survive. Today water has become the most important substance on the earth. The water we drinking for our survival must be pure. Impurities like undesirable chemicals, suspended solids and gases are present in the water must be removed. The process of removing these impurities from the water is called us water purification. There are many Private Lorry Water Suppliers in Chennai who provides purified water.

Basically, water purification depends upon the mineral and the chemicals prominent present in the water. Chloramines, Chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide are the three chemicals which play a major role in the water purification.

Chloramines – It is a type of chlorine used in water purification. Use of pure chlorine or using chlorine in high amount leads to the toxin, so chlorine is combined with chloramines it kills the harmful bacteria present in the water.

Chlorine dioxide – Limited amount of chlorine dioxide is preferred in water purification. Use of this chemical is avoided these days because using a large amount of this chemical leads to the formation of the volatility of the gas.

Hydrogen peroxide – This chemical used to kill the protozoans and pathogens present in the water. The work of this chemical is very slow. This chemical is slower than chlorine.

Many Tanker Lorry Water Suppliers in Chennai follow the above method of water purification and provide it to the customer. Sufficient amount of water consumption is necessary these days because it is good for health and beauty. Pure water consumption gives double benefits.

Their advantages are

Pure water drinking avoids fine lines, wrinkles and also moisturized the skin.

Pure water drinking suppresses the appetite, prevents fluid retention and reduce the body weight.

Pure water drinking enables your muscles to work harder and longer than before.

Many Private Lorry Water Supply in Chennai purify the water thinking about the benefits of drinking pure water

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