Nature of water Bottle manufacturing Business

The bottled water company consists of the production and delivery of spring or filtered water in small packages and larger containers such as 5-gallon bottles. The product is produced in company-owned delivery trucks or by common carriers directly to the site of the customer. Each bottled water firm in the industry makes an implicit promise to its customers that it will produce the highest quality product and deliver that product to its customers in the manner and time agreed upon.

In the past, many firms in the industry have focused on process rather than customer service. Private Lorry water suppliers in Chennai acted on the belief that the product of a superior product completed the obligation to the customer.

The consumer base in the bottled water is very distinct ranging from individual customers with single bottle requirements to large multi cooler business accounts with important water needs. Each customer has their own distinct requirements and the needs of each customer in the customer base are as significant as all other customers.

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