Tips to save water

Growing population and mismanagement of water resources made water scarcity problem. Today water scarcity problem is seen everywhere. In many places, people are finding difficulty in finding pure drinking water. There are many Private Water Supply in Chennai who supply pure drinking water. The little effect from us today makes a good change tomorrow. Here are some tips the little effect we make today to save water for tomorrow.

Turn off faucets: Don’t let the water run uselessly as wash dish, face or hand. Turn off the tap whenever during brushing the teeth shaving. Another way is to fill water in a mug and use them for washing the teeth or shave saves water.

Bucket bath and low flush: Avoiding shower and takin bucket bath will save 80 % of water. Today we can find low flow shower head and low flush toilet using this we can save 40% of water.

Reuse water: Water that is used to rinse vegetables and fruits can be deposited and used in the garden. Learning to reuse the water is necessary to step to save water, by this method we can save every drop of water.

Dishwasher: Dishwasher can save a great deal of water than washing the utensils in hand. Using the dishwasher when it is fully loaded is advisable.

Washing machine: While washing the clothes in the washing machine make sure it is fully loaded. The usage of a washing machine when it’s fully loaded will save both water and electricity. The washing machine can be found us front load and top load. Uses of a front load washing machine are appreciated because it uses less water compared to the top load.

Water by hand: Hand watering use 33% of water less than the automatic irrigation system.

Collect rainwater: Rainwater is free water that is collected easily by construction rainwater harvest in the house. Using rainwater harvest rainwater can be saved and can be used during the summer season.

Use Tanker Lorry Water Suppliers in Chennai to get drinking water to follow the above steps to save water for the future generation.

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